Krazy Kat comic


Krazy KatEdit

Krazy Kat is the simple-minded, carefree main character of the strip. He has an odd dialect, which is apparently an odd mixture of English, Spanish, Yiddish, French, and many other dialects.

Ignatz The MouseEdit

Ignatz the mouse is often distracted from what he is doing by Krazy Kat, and enjoys throwing bricks a his head. To prevent being caught in the act of doing so by Offissa Bull Pup, he often hides his bricks or disguises himself as someone else when Offissa is around. Although they are rarely seen, Ignatz has a wife and children.

Offissa Bull PupEdit

Offissa Pup is always trying to prevent Ignatz's little plans to chuck his bricks at Krazy Kat; he ocasionally succeeds. He and Ignatz also are strong rivals always trying to make a fool out of the other.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Joe Stork- He often makes unwanted baby deliveries to people, and is the "Purveyor of progeny to prince and proletarian".
  • Kolin Kelly- Kolin Kelly is a dog and a brickmaker. Ignatz often uses him as a source for getting his bricks.
  • Mrs. Kwakk Wakk- Mrs. Kwakk Wakk is a duck and often witnesses Ignatz's schemes and reports them to Offisser Pup.
  • Bum Bill Bee- Bum Bill Bee is a random character that has a beard, and is apparently a bee.
  • Don Kiyote- Is a ghetto mexican coyote.
  • Gooseberry Sprig- Is the Duck Duke, and had a comic of his own before Krazy Kat was made.